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Why Choose Dallas Heritage Academy?

Curriculum has been written by moms for moms

As the founders of progressive, project-based schools, we teach students how to embrace change and collaboratively solve problems with a growth mindset.

immersive project-based curriculum

We have designed an immersive project-based curriculum which enables small groups of students to dive into the world of Science, Art and World Education with elements such as Foreign Languages, Calligraphy and Acrobatics.

safety protocols and teacher support

Bring together families from your community and we will take care of the rest: safety protocols, space set-up, curriculum development and teacher support.


What is our Mission?

Our mission is to provide opportunities for children to continue their academic studies while being immersed into a world of Knowledge. Our teaching philosophy is combination of research, tradition, heritage and innovation.   

What do we Offer?

We offer small classrooms with 10:1 ratio for children in grades K-6. This Fall we will be starting with Grades 3 and 4 with the intent to add additional grades based on demand.
As part of our Curriculum, we will be offering the following subjects:
  • Math and Art: Sacred Geometry
  • Storytelling – HarmoniTales
  • Art – Drawing and Painting
  • Art – Ceramics and Sculpting
  • Science Labs and Nature Exploration at the Dallas Arboretum
  • Languages: Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese
  • Music 
  • Calligraphy: the Art of Handwriting
  • Theater and Pantomime
  • Newrobics and Circus Elements: Juggling, Balancing, Elements of Acrobatics
  • Field Trips: DMA, Meadow Arts Museum, Dallas World Aquarium, Natural Science Museum, National Museum of Mathematics 
Our School features 2 large Gym rooms where children get to play, Music studios equipped with state of the art Instruments and a wonderful Art Classroom.
Kids learning how to cook in a cooking class.

Clean Plant-Based Cooking Classes​

Kids ages 6-12 are welcome to join our Clean Plant Based Cooking Class. In this class, kids will learn to use a variety of plant based ingredients to create simple delicious meals and wonderful desserts.
This class only uses basic utensil, along with blenders. No oven. No Heat. No Danger.
Come try one of our classes today!
Membership: $165/month



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Our Faculty and Staff

Eva Brandys

Founder and Owner

Ruth Balloon

Executive Director

Oksana Sever-Marchenko

Director of Education - 3rd and 4th Grade Teacher - Russian Teacher

Michelle Mackey

Arts Appreciation & History Teacher - French Teacher - Chess Instructor

Ying Chen

Chinese Teacher

Elaine Andrepont

3rd and 4th Grade Teacher Assistant

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